YISSVIC Kids Musical Instruments 12Pcs Toddler Musical Instruments Xylophone Tambourine Set Preschool Educational Toy with Carrying Bag

Earthly Paradise US
YISSVIC Kids Musical Instruments 12Pcs Toddler Musical Instruments Xylophone Tambourine Set Preschool Educational Toy with Carrying Bag
Earthly Paradise US - Rainbow Bell Stick 6. Maracas x 2 5. When playing, please be accompanied by adults. Egg shakers x 2 2. When playing the Wooden xylophone, baby can hear 8 different tones. This toddler musical instruments are perfect for preschool education, and suitable for both individual and group play. The tambourine is made of special artificial parchment.
Wooden Xylophone 7. The zippered storage bag is very convenient for clean up and storage, you will no need to worry that your baby scatters the toys everywhere. Cultivate creativity and develop interests. Babies who are under 3 years old need to be accompanied by adults, which will be much safe. It will be much safe to avoid kids using Mallets, wooden guiro to hurt themselves in eyes or face.
YISSVIC Kids Musical Instruments 12Pcs Toddler Musical Instruments Xylophone Tambourine Set Preschool Educational Toy with Carrying Bag - Description: ☆ inspire kids’ interests to Music The musical instruments includes various tools with different playing methods, sounds, which will greatly inspire kids’ interests to music. It can practice children’s hands and eye coordination by playing with Tambourine, Hand Bells, Wooden Guiro, etc, this is very good to train baby’s coordination of hands and eyes.
Kids can play it by clapping with hands. Parents and children can play together, which makes the kids greatly feel the love from parents. This helps them to distinguish between these sounds and tones.
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Thumb Piano 17 Keys Kalimba Acacia KOA Body Finger Piano Mbira Sanza Thumb Instrument with Kalimba Songbook 15 Songs Study Guide, Tuning Hammer and 4 Pcs Finger Thumb PicksSolid KOA Wood
Asmuse - The kalimba consists of a wooden board with attached staggered metal tines, played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs. Asmuse kalimba is recommended for both children who to cultivate musical talent and for adults who enjoy exploring new melody. It is really an awesome Gift.
High-end quality wood∮african KOAAcacia Body with multiple advanced hand-made processes, ensuring comfortable exquisite hand feeling. Clear, warm and ethereal sound∮Original Wood Color never faded, every pieces is unique in the world. As all we know, solid wood body is a critical elements to the instrument sound, smooth hand experience∮Easy to play Wah effect & Vibrato effect with front and back holes∮No need to buy a tuning machine, and KOAAcacia can be use to made the high-end instruments such as Taylor K guitarHighlights∮17 keys polish Ore Metal tines, tuning app could be free download on the app store.
YISSVIC Kids Musical Instruments 12Pcs Toddler Musical Instruments Xylophone Tambourine Set Preschool Educational Toy with Carrying Bag - Accurately detail guidance, including 15 songs from simple to complicated, show you how to play and read kalimba tablature, allows children and adults to explore themselves music world. Finger thumb picks, protect your thumbs and nails, you must need them if you play long and don't want a thick layer of callus on your thumbs.
Excellent service, quick response about any question, please feel free to let us know. Package∮1 x asmuse 17 keys kalimba∮1 x tune hammer∮1 x carry bag∮1 x music book(included 15 kalimba songs∮2xcolor notation stickers Red and Blue∮2 x Melody and Number notation stickers∮4 x Finger Thumb Picks Asmuse kalimba is made of african original KOA Bodysound clearer than Mahogany Wood one with 17 keys carbon Metal steel tunes bring you an exquisite voical experience.
Easy to play and portable to go just hold kalimba in your hand and slide tunes by thumb.
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