Yinfente 4/4 violin 5 string Electric violin Full size Maple Spruce wood Big jack Ebony wood Violin parts Sweet Sound

Yinfente 4/4 violin 5 string Electric violin Full size Maple Spruce wood Big jack Ebony wood Violin parts Sweet Sound
Yinfente - Yinfente brand electric acoustic violin pure hand made. Can be played as normal acoustic violin, also can connect to the AMP to produce nice sound. Also can played as normal traditional Violin. Free violin case, brazil wood violin bow, 1/4 inch jack cable. Sell to many country & many customer like very much. Yinfente brand 4/4 5 string electric acoustic violin, over 10 years Spruce Top wood, Pure hand made, Over 10 years Maple Back wood, Maple wood violin neck.
Ebony wood violin peg, Violin Tailpiece, Violin Chin rest, Maple wood Bridge. Can be played by the AMP.
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KMC Music Inc
Selmer 981 Song Flute, Black
KMC Music Inc 981 - This song flute is designed to fit smaller hands and is the educator's choice. Full octave scale from C to D. This song flute is designed to fit smaller hands and is the educator's choice. Black finish. Full octave scale from C to D. One piece construction, black finish. One piece construction.
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eBoot Rubber 4/4 Violin Practice Mute, Black
eBoot 4334274004 - Dimensions: approx. Compatible with 4/4 violin. Material: Rubber. Easy to use, just put it on top of the bridge. Perfect for volume control color: black package Includes: 1 x Violin Mute  Great for practicing and playing violin when you don't want to disturb your family or friend. 2. 1 l x 1 w x 05 h inch 5. 3 x 2.
5 x 1. 3 cm.
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TIMESETL 4Pack Violin Fine Tuners for 4/4-3/4 Violin Metal String Adjuster Nickel Plated Anti Rust Black + Gold
TIMESETL TXJ-092-US - Can be used with synthetic and steel string. Easy to install, strong and appropriate. They are compact and fit 4/4 Violins and 3/4 Size Violins. Violin fine tuners set of timesetl the tiMESETL violin fine tuners are an excellent way to maintain your violin in tune. Can be used with 4/4 - 3/4 acoustic violin and electric violin which has similar tail piece.
Timesetl fiddle fine tuners - for beginner, student, teacher specification: material: metal Finish: nickel plated Color: black housing + gold adjustment screws TIMESETL Fine Tuner for 3/4 4/4 Violin - Instruction √ Mount directly to the tailpiece. Easy to install no more pegs, no tools necessary, a, 4pcs metal string adjuster enough for E, D, these fine tuners for violin are very easy to install, with 2 prongs, g cord, or you can use for E string only.
Yinfente 4/4 violin 5 string Electric violin Full size Maple Spruce wood Big jack Ebony wood Violin parts Sweet Sound - Sensitive & accurate these fiddle fine tuners can be used with loop or ball end strings, very sensitive to adjust, easily adjust the violin in accurate tunes again, steel or rope core strings, save time and effort. Great gift gold screws with black housing modern design, make a great decoration, great gift for beginner, great for violin stability and string vibration, amateur and band player, great adjust parts and replacement.
Suit for both loop and ball end. This set includes 4 pcs fine tuners. Delivery 4 x violin string fine tuners high quality made of durable metal and brass, anti bend and twist, smooth and clean, anti rust, nickel plated, strong and durable. Compatible fit 4/4 - 3/4 acoustic violin, also work for electric violin that has a tailpiece similar to an acoustic violin's tailpiece.
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