Hodge Silk English Horn Swab - Burgundy

Hodge Products, Inc.
Hodge Silk English Horn Swab - Burgundy
Hodge Products, Inc. - Hodge uses silk because it is absorbent, has no lint, and is compressible. No Lint. They are not stored inside the instrument so the moisture does not remain. Compressible. Absorbent. Pure Silk. Hodge swabs are regularly recommended by repairmen for optimum care of your instrument. Hodge silk swabs are premium swabs made from pure silk for removing moisture from woodwind instruments after each use.
The swabs are large enough to wick the moisture out of the larger part of the bore, but compressible enough to pull through the neck. The english Horn swabs use a plastic coated straight weight. They do not leave lint in the keys. They have a safety cord on the back end, so that if there were a knot in one and it got stuck, it could be pulled back out the way it went in.
Hodge Silk English Horn Swab - Burgundy - The eh swabs clean the entire instrument minus the bocal fully assembled. They pull through the fully assembled instrument.
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Rubank Publications
Rubank Intermediate Method - Oboe Rubank Educational Library No. 89
Rubank Publications HL04470220 - Skornicka. Size: 12" x 9". Using a very well-rounded approach including scales, technical studies, arpeggios, and studies devoted to the special needs of each instrument, articulation studies, duets, solos, studies for musicianship, this series provides a fantastic wealth of material for all student musicians.
48 pages. Isbn: 142344423X. One of the most widely used series of methods for individual or like-instrument class instruction. Intermediate Band Method. Using a very well-rounded approach including scales, studies for musicianship, duets, arpeggios, solos, technical studies, and studies devoted to the special needs of each instrument, articulation studies, this series provides a fantastic wealth of material for all student musicians.
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