Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest

KMC Music Inc
Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest
KMC Music Inc 9608MB - Rock solid double braced leg base. Super foot solid foundation rubber feet. Model vsas cordura/vinyl seat, Adjusts from 20" to 28" high. Super-lock cast seat fastening system. Memory lock height adjustment.
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Music People
On Stage DA100 Drum Stick Holder
Music People DA100 - Holds up to 8 pair of sticks. Clamp attaches to most stands. The cup holder can be removed from the hardware for cleaning purposes. Keep up to 8 pairs of sticks conveniently within your reach with the On Stage DA100 Drum Stick Holder! The c-shape mounting clamp attaches easily to most stands and other hardware, and the extension arm is angled downward at 45° for easy removal/placement of your sticks while playing.
Extension arm angled downward for easy removal of sticks. Neoprene pocket can be removed for easy cleaning.
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Pearl Corporation
Pearl S930 Snare Stand, New Uni-Lock, New Collars and New Trident Design Tripod
Pearl Corporation S930 - New streamlined pipe joints now include Pearl's new "clam shell" style collars on the 930 series. Uni-Lock. Basket 12" - 14" Drums. Suspension Rubber Arm Tips. The base of each stand has received an upgrade with the addition of the new double braced Trident Design Tripod which prohibits damage to the stand's pipe from excess torque.
Lifetime Warranty. Height 18. 11" - 25. 59".
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Gibraltar 5707 Medium Weight Double braced Hi-Hat Stand
Gibraltar 5707 - 3-teir cymbal stands. 2-point hideaway boom. Feel, stability, and easy placement are important needs of the drummer. The hi-hat stand is the centerpiece of the drum set-up. Gibraltar meets these needs by offering two drive systems that give two distinctively different feels; Direct Lever Pull for simple direct action and Liquid Drive for a highly responsive feel.
Moveable leg base tripod, no leg base, dual leg with mini third leg for added stability, and the classic flat base design. Double braced tripod with cast height assembly and Gibraltar's exclusive round rubber feet provide stability without a large profile. Utilize all professional features in a low-mass double-braced stand.
Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest - Gibraltar gives you "nothing but options" when building your drum set-up. Gibraltar offers four base options to give drummers flexibility in stand placement and keeps set-ups clean. Cast hinged height adjustments.
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Evans EQ Double Pedal Patch, Black Nylon
Evans EQPB2 - Protects the bass drum head from pedal fatigue. 2 patches per package. Double pedal black version. All evans drum heads are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. Made for double-pedal, this non-slip black nylon bass drum patch softens attack slightly and strengthens the head without affecting sustain or low-end.
Increases attack without affecting sustain or low end.
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Drum Starz
DRUM KEYS 3-Pack with Continuous Motion Speed Key by Drum Starz
Drum Starz ZH-144 - This economical bundle includes 2 standard drum keys, and 1 continuous motion speed drum key. The spinning camber design of the continuous motion key makes it ideal for quickly and easily removing and replacing drumheads. Industry standard for all Drums with 1/4" Socket Square Tension Rods. Drum keys 3-pack of drum keys by drum starz feature quality chrome-plated construction, and are perfect for all drums with standard 1/4" socket square tension rods.
Get more for Less with Drum Starz! . 3 drum keys for the Price of One. Includes 1 continuous motion Speed Drum Key & 2 Standard Drum Keys. With our convenient 3-pack of drum keys by Drum Starz, you'll never be searching for a drum key again! High quality Chrome-Plated Steel Construction.
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D'Addario &Co. Inc
Evans EQ Pad Bass Drum Damper
D'Addario &Co. Inc EQ-PAD - The eq pad is an adjustable bass drum muffler that enables control over attack and sustain. A hinged damping pad bounces off the head upon impact, allowing some minimal resonance before returning to full damp the head. Attaches to bass drum shell with Velcro. Smaller pad on opposite end that can be used on smaller drums or for minimal damping.
Hinged pad bounces off the head, allowing sustain before returning to dampen the vibrating head. All evans accessories are designed, engineered and manufactured to the most stringent quality controls in the industry.
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Gator Cases
Gator Cases Protechtor Series 5 piece Padded Drum Bag Set for Standard Kits; 22" Kick, 12” Tom, 13” Tom, 16” Tom, 14” Snare GP-STANDARD-100
Gator Cases GP-STANDARD-100 - Fits shell sizes: kick drum - 22" x 18", floor tom - 16" x 16", tom - 12" x 10", tom - 13" X 11", Snare Drum - 14" X 5.5". It isn’t hard to find a great reason why Gator should be the brand you trust to protect your equipment for life Durable nylon exterior. Collapsible compact design. The gp-standard-100 drum kit bag set shell sizes are: kick drum - 22” x 18”, tom - 13” x 11”, tom - 12” x 10”, Floor Tom - 16” X 16”, and snare drum - 14” X 5.
5” and will fit drum sets by manufacturers such as Pearl, Ludwig, Gretsch Drums, Mapex, Tama, Drum Workshop, PDP, Yamaha and many others. Gator cases is known for manufacturing innovative products designed to protect! We offer a wide range of products with a variety of available sizes, and protection levels, Rackworks install racks and accessories, for all types of instruments and gear including Frameworks stands, materials, and Protechtor drum cases.
Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest - The gp-standard-100 5 piece drum kit bag set features 10mm padding in each of the 5 bags included in the set. 10mm padded and lined interior. Keep your drum kit protected between gigs with the Gator Cases GP-STANDARD-100 5 piece drum kit bag set. Comfortable carrying straps. The gator cases gp-standard-100 drum kit bag set provides excellent protection for your drum kit against scratches and dings while being stored or transported to gigs.
The exterior of each drum bag is constructed of durable 600-denier nylon and also features a tough, sewn in nylon carry handle and heavy duty zippers.
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D'Addario &Co. Inc
Evans 2-Sided Practice Pad, 12 Inch
D'Addario &Co. Inc RF12D - 12" diameter. Gum rubber on one side. The 12 inches 2-sided pad has a large playing surface that fits inside a standard snare basket, a natural gum feel on one side for the realistic rebound, and a harder recycled rubber surface on the other for a real workout. Neoprene on one side.
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Meinl USA L.C.
Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack with 13" Hihats, 14" Crash, Plus FREE 10" Splash, Sticks, and Lessons – HCS Traditional Finish Brass – Made In Germany, TWO YEAR WARRANTY HCS1314+10S
Meinl USA L.C. HCS1314+10S - Perfect for beginner students and players: the meinl hcs series contains most cymbal types found in professional set up. The hcs series from meinl cymbals is designed to offer cymbal types and sizes normally found in professional lines to beginners, in order to deliver the same sound options a professional drummer may look for.
The ultimate starter set: this cymbal box set includes a 13" hi-hat cymbal pair, a 14" crash cymbal, a pair of Pro-Mark size 5A wood tip drum sticks, plus a 10" splash cymbal, and three lessons with renown instructor Mike Johnston. Start learning right away: follow the directions found on the postcard inside the box to unlock three full length video lessons brought to you by MEINL cymbal artist, Mike Johnston.
You may revisit the videos at any time. With hi-hats, china's, and bells, and crashes to effect cymbals like trash crashes, splashes, rides, any musical idea or style is within reach. Meinl hcs cymbals are an outstanding starting point for aspiring drummers to begin bringing cymbals into their drum set ups.
Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest - With bright and resounding musicality, these brass alloy cymbals stand up to the brunt of drum sticks while maintaining their tone. Meinl hcs cymbals are recommended for any style of music a beginner may be getting into while exploring their sound. This pre-packaged cymbal set up includes hcs 13-inch hi hat cymbals, plus FREE professional 5A drum sticks from Pro-Mark, an HCS 14-inch crash cymbal, and a FREE 10-inch HCS splash cymbal to round out your kit's sound.
As you expand your interest with drums, the Meinl HCS line includes an array of cymbals from crashes and hi hats to rides and various effect cymbals, all easy to integrate into your kit.
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Sound Improving Drum Gel for Drummers | Big 10 Pack of Drum Gel Pads in 3 Sizes | These Drum Mute Pads Makes it Easy to Control or Remove Unwanted Overtones from Your Drums. - SlapKlatz Pro Clear
SlapKlatz SLAPPROCL - You could do that, but you would need several packages of SlapKlatz for that. With the wide variety of gel sizes included in this package, you will be able to adjust and fine tune your drum sound exactly to your needs. Get that perfect amount of ring control, without killing the tone, the feel or the volume of the drum.
For example: two dampeners: place at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock three DAMPENERS: Place at 12 o'clock, 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock. And so on. Slapklatz guide when using more than one damper gel on your drum, place the gels with equal distance between them. You can see a guide on http://slapklatz. Com/slapklatz-guide/ endorsed and approved by leading professionals slapklatz are approved and used by professional drummers such as Benny Greb, John JR Robinson, Greg Clark Jr.
Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest - Pete ray biggin, gergo borlai, Anika Niles, Adam Marko and many more. Magazine reviewsread reviews here: http://slapklatz. Com/reviews/ video reviews watch a video review and demonstration of SlapKlatz PRO here: http://bit. Ly/review-austin-burcham disclaimER Please note, that these drum dampeners are developed for dampening your drums in a refined way.
Engineered for drums slapklatz pro is made from a material that is optimized in both shape, density and thickness for drum use. This ensures that they will stay in place, even on your bottom heads or the underside of your cymbals.
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