Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First
Focusrite/Novation AMS-SCARLETT-18I20-2ND-GE - Roundtrip latency was measured at 2. 74ms, working at 96khz with a 32 samples buffer on Logic Pro X, running on a Mac Pro and OS 1011 eight natural-sounding scarlett mic preamps with plenty of even gain; two newly-designed instrument inputs, ten 1/4-inch balanced jack outputs including a dedicated stereo pair; two headphones output with dedicated gain controls; MIDI I/O; S/PDIF in and out; ADAT I/O expand your channel count.
With a total of 18 inputs and 20 outputs, record anything from a drum kit to multiple instruments, vocals, synths and keyboards on your computer. Limited time offer: free venomode DeeQ, Maximal 2, and Pivot, plug-ins upon registration and download. Includes pro tools | first focusrite creative pack and ableton live lite, 2gb of Loopmasters samples, Choice of one free XLN Addictive Keys virtual instrument, Softube Time and Tone Bundle, Focusrite's Red Plug-in Suite, all available via download upon purchase and registration.
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First - Frequency response - 20 hz - 20 khz ± 01db. Supported sample rates: 44. 1 khz, 176. 4 khz, 88. 2 khz, 48 khz, 192 kHz. An adat input allows you to expand your analogue inputs for larger recording sessions.
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Furman M-8X2 Merit Series 8 Outlet Power Conditioner and Surge Protector
Furman M8X2 - 15 amp rating with circuit breaker and "Protection OK" Front Panel Indicator to let you know that your equipment is being protected. 9 total outlets: 8 rear panel outlets including 3 with "wall wart" spacing and 1 front panel convenience outlet. Filtration rating greater than 23 db, perfect for instrument rigs, home recording, DJ equipment, 200 Khz to 10 Mhz, pro audio rigs and home entertainment systems.
Furman's ac noise filtering reduces rFI and EMI interference to deliver a cleaner sound without pops, crackles and the local radio station coming out of your amp. Ac noise filtering reduces rfi/emi ac noise filtering reduces rfi/EMI, Spike & surge protection ensures equipment stays safe & power stays clean,.
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Reliable Hardware Company RH-RMSET-25-A 25 Sets of Rack Rail Screws and Washers
Bienz & Fowlks dba Reliable Hardware Company RH-RMSET-25-A - Bag of 25 Sets. 1/16'' flat Nylon Washers. Rack rail Screw and Washer. 10-32 x 5/8'' truss head rack Rail Screws, Waxed Black Oxide.
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Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre 8-Channel Mic Pre Expansion with 8 ADAT Inputs/8 Analog Outputs
Focusrite/Novation AMS-SCARLETT-OCTOPRE - Expand your studio via ADAT with eight 2nd generation Scarlett mic preamps. Focusrite precision A-D conversion up to sample rates of 192 kHz. Eight balanced line outputs - ideal for live use; Simple ADAT connectivity via optical cables. Adat is a simple and easy way of increasing the number of simultaneous recording channels available in your studio.
Includes red 2 & vst plug-in suite, and softube Time & red 3 aax, au & Tone Bundle as a free download upon registration; 2-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects. Eight natural-sounding 2nd generation Scarlett mic preamps and eight balanced line inputs and dual front-panel instrument inputs. Eight natural-sounding 2nd generation scarlett mic/line inputs deliver high headroom, keyboards, low noise and minimal distortion - ideal for tracking drums as well guitars, plenty of clean gain, vocals and more.
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First - It also offers eight balanced line outputs, sourced directly from their respective mic preamps for use on stage in a live environment. Pad on every channel for extra headroom - ideal for loud sources such as drums. Adat outputs let you connect to any interface or digital system with ADAT optical inputs, and analog line outputs let you feed an analog console at the same time as recording with the digital outputs.
The front panel features two newly designed instrument inputs with extended headroom. The scarlett octopre is the ideal 8-channel expansion for any Scarlett - or other digital interface with ADAT inputs.
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Shure SM57-LC - The unidirectional dynamic SM57 has set the industry standard by defining the way instruments should sound. This renowned mic is used by legendary performers and the latest up-and-comers. Its warm, clean sound along with its carefully contoured presence rise make it ideal for a wide range of instrument miking applications, particularly guitar amplifiers and drums.
In small clubs and 100, 000 seat stadiums. Professional-quality reproduction for drum, precussion, and instrument amplifier miking. In fact, you'll probably find it in more studios than any other mic. Connectivity: Wired. Contoured frequency response is clean, instrumental reproduction and rich vocal pickup. Not surprising.
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First - You see it everywhere. The shure sm57 is a fixture in the music business. Which is why it's used by any serious musician or recording professional. Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main source while reducing background noise. Frequency response 40 to 15, 000 Hz. What you may not have seen are the thousands of SM57s at work behind the scenes in professional recording studios around the world.
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Gator Cases GFW-MIC-0821 - Gator cases is known for manufacturing innovative products designed to protect! We offer a wide range of available sizes, and protection levels, materials, for all types of instruments and gear including Frameworks stands, Rackworks install racks and accessories, and Protechtor drum cases. The gator frameworks gfw-mic-0821 short microphone stand with a weighted base is the perfect multi-use mic stand for recording or live sound applications.
The frameworks gfw-miC-0821 also fits both U. S. Base weighted For Balance And Stability. 4. 5" x 8" weighted Base. Max height: 23 inches / 584 mm. The base dimensions are 4. 5” x 8”. Cable management Included. Base type: U-shape. The weighted base is useful when using heavier mics that need additional balance. And euro size standard microphone clips.
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First - Includes 16" Single Section Boom. The gfw-mic-0821 has a maximum height of 23” and is constructed of heavy-duty steel and soft rubber twist adjustment knobs for added comfort while loosening and tightening.
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Photo4Less - The dk707 7-piece drum microphone Kit from Samson is a full-range microphone package for professional drummers. Ultimate support mctb50 low-level tripod mic Stand with Telescoping Boom, 7 x -XLR Mic Cable 20 ft. 4 x q72 instrument microphones - 2 x c02 pencil condenser Microphones - Q71 Kick Drum Microphone - 7 x Swivel-Style Mic Adapters.
Each mic is equipped with a swivel-style mic adapter. Xlr bulk op/tech strapeez, black this photo4less top value kit includes: Samson DK707 Drum Mic 7-piece Kit. They can be used to mike a drum set in several applications for studio recordings, live stage, theater shows, rehearsals, and more. Featuring high spl handling, the co2 pencil mics have a frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz to capture the overhead cymbals, while the Q71 and Q72 mics have a frequency responses of 50 Hz to 16 kHz to capture the bass drum and your snare drums and toms.
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First - Kit includes: samson dk707 drum mic 7-piece kit 2x tripod base mic Stand with Fixed Boom Ultimate Support JSMCTB50 Microphone Stand 7x Mic Cable, 20 ft. Samson's dk707 7-piece drum microphone Kit is a collection of professional quality microphones designed to provide excellent sound for close-mic performance and recording environments.
It includes four q72 instrument mics, a q71 kick drum mic, seven swivel-style mic adapters, two CO2 pencil condenser mics for overhead miking, four tension-mounted rim clips, and a hardshell carrying case.2x tripod base mic stand with Fixed Boom - Op/Tech Strapeez, Black.
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Shure Incorporated PGADRUMKIT7 - 1x pga52 cardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone. 3x pga56 cardioid Dynamic Snare/Tom Microphones. 7x c15j 15 foot 4. 6 m xlr-xLR cables. Legendary shure quality design and construction for exceptional performance in rigorous environments. 1x pga57 cardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone. Essential package of professional quality microphones for a wide variety of drum and percussion applications.
1x 95f16526 zippered Carrying Case. Included in the pgadrumkit7 are one pga52 kick drum microphone, along with three drum mounts, three PGA56 drum microphones, one PGA57 instrument microphone and two PGA81 instrument microphones, seven XLR-XLR cables, and a carrying case.1x a25d break-resistant Microphone Clip.
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First - The pgadrumkit7 drum microphone kit is a complete package of professional quality microphones, designed to provide excellent sound for full drum kit performance and recording. 2x pga81 cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphones. 3x ap56dm break-resistant Drum Rim Mounts.
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Furman M-8Lx Standard Level Power Conditioning, 15 Amp, 9 Outlets with Wall Wart Spacing, Pullout Lights
Furman Pro M8LX - 8 rear-panel outlets & 1 Front-Panel Outlet. 2 retractable incandescent front-panel light fixtures With Dimmer Control For Convenient Rack Illumination 2 retractable incandescent Front-Panel Light Fixtures With Dimmer Control For Convenient Rack Illumination. 15 amp rating With Circuit Breaker. Spike & surge protection Ensures Equipment Stays Safe & Power Stays Clean.
Ac noise filtering reduces Radio Frequency RFI & Electromagnetic Interference EMI.
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Behringer Microamp HA400 Ultra-Compact 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier
Behringer USA HA400 - Ultra-compact headphone amplifier system for studio and stage applications. The ha400 contains 4 high-power stereo amplifiers that maintain the highest sonic quality even at maximum volume levels. Ultra low-noise 4580 operational amplifiers are included for outstanding audio performance - these are the same op amps found in "full-size" audio equipment - plus, a DC 12-Volt adapter is included.
Phones Level control per channel. Great sound, great value when a recording session calls for everyone's heads - and ears - to be in the game, the HA400 is a real lifesaver. 4 independent stereo high-power amplifier sections. Highest audio quality with virtually all types of headphones even at maximum volume.
Altogether now you can use this super-compact stereo headphone amplifier with practically any headphones - four of them at the same time, to be exact! Let up to 4 different people in your studio listen to the main mix while recording, and each listener can determine their own volume level using the dedicated output level controls.
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First - Hearing is believing - check out the amazing HA400 at a BEHRINGER dealer near you. Dc 12 v adapter included. The compact, flexible ha400 can power up to four pairs of headphones and up to four independent volumes. Behringer powerplay ha4000 ultra-compact 4-channel stereo headphone amplifier ultra-compact headphone amplifier system for studio and stage applications 4 independent stereo high-power amplifier sections Highest audio quality with virtually all types of headphones even at maximum volume Phones Level control per channel DC 12 V adapter included High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany If you're tracking more than one musician at once, or if everyone in a group wants to listen to a playback, you need a monitor distribution system.
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