BG Duo 24K Gold Tenor Saxophone Ligature and Cap

BG Duo 24K Gold Tenor Saxophone Ligature and Cap
BG LDT1 - It perfectly grips hold of both cane and synthetic reeds. Easy set-up and switching from one instrument to another. Produces precise articulation on every note. Warm sound and focused tone. The same unique, floating design from BG, but in a tenor sax ligature. The duo offers minimum contact on the mouthpiece, but allows for maximum vibrations.
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Vandoren VMC6 Mouthpiece Cushions; Clear; Thin; 0.35mm/.014"; Pack of 6
Vandoren VMC6 - Also available in thick Black 080mm-. 032". Prevent teeth marks from mouthpiece. Fashionable Vandoren logo inserted on cushion. There are 6 clear cushions in each pack with a thickness of. 014" thin highest quality mouthpiece cushion available. Keep teeth firmly on the mouthpiece without slipping. Vandoren mouthpiece cushions protect the mouthpiece from teeth marks and feature a Vandoren logo on each cushion.
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Carl Fischer Music Publisher
O2964 - Top-Tones for the Saxophone: Four-Octave Range
Carl Fischer Music Publisher - An important book for all saxophone students. The author focuses on technique and offers musical examples and exercises to help developing players achieve a four-octave range. Used book in Good Condition. Students can develop their range with this insightful book with text both in English and German.
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Key Leaves
Key Leaves - saxophone key props for Alto, Tenor, Bari, Bass or C Melody sax
Key Leaves - No more messy pad powder, cleaning paper, pad oil, pad dryers or gimmicks. Alto + tenor + bari + bass + c Melody Saxophones. 98% fewer sticky saxophone key pads - www. KeyLeaves. Com/Proof. Leaf-shape props slide under key arms to air dry sax and stop sticky keys. After play, slide the leaf-shape props under the key arms of Eb and Low C#.
Rotate, conn, flex or remove the strap to use Key Leaves on your bari sax or even early vintage saxophones with odd key designs Buescher, etc. Keep your saxophone cleaner and extend pad life naturally. Key leaves help you leave sax keys open to dry, stopping sticky saxophone key pads including the notorious sticky G#, C# and Eb.
BG Duo 24K Gold Tenor Saxophone Ligature and Cap - The only sax care product scientifically proven to prevent sticking key pads, even without swab cleaning for a year! SEE THE PROOF: https://www. Amazon. Com/stores/page/c0924f04-e681-44e0-9e7e-4f00817f2fc4 stop sticky saxophone key pads G#, Eb & C# with this natural pad dryer. This opens those key pads plus G# to dry, preventing sticky bacteria and yeast growth that causes key malfunction.
Reduce sax repair and save pad life without touching delicate pad leather. Add key leaves to your sax care kit. Adapts to Fit All!
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