Baglama Baglamas Greek Traditional Music Instrument Handmade Small Bouzouki

Baglama Baglamas Greek Traditional Music Instrument Handmade Small Bouzouki
Handmade - As there is not mass production of the instrument please note that there are possible small differences from the photos in the listing. It's small size made it particularly popular for musicians who needed an instrument to carry around easily or small enough to shelter under their coat. Baglamas - greek traditional Music Instrument with Strings 3 double strings Baglamas is handmade from traditional Greek workshop.
Handmade baglamas. Case included. Strings included. Small bouzoukis. Greek traditional Music Instrument. It is a version of the bouzouki and musically is most often found supporting the bouzouki in the rebetiko style. During the 20th century, players of the bouzouki and baglamas were persecuted by the government and their instruments were smashed by the police.
Baglama Baglamas Greek Traditional Music Instrument Handmade Small Bouzouki - The body, fingerboard and bridge are made from fir with traditional decor Comes with free soft case Length : 55 cm, Width of the body : 105 cm baglamas or baglamadaki, is a long necked string instrument used in Greek music.
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