AXHJ Kalimba 17 keys with Study Instruction and Tune Hammer, Portable Thumb Piano Mbira Sanza Acacia Koa Wood Body Ore Metal Tines

AXHJ Kalimba 17 keys with Study Instruction and Tune Hammer, Portable Thumb Piano Mbira Sanza Acacia Koa Wood Body Ore Metal Tines
HillDan - The english music manual with lesson and songs on the bookcomes with the kalimba instrument. You just need to use two thumbs play to make a great sound. Package include. Warranty. Portable kalimba +silicone finger protector + Instructions +cloth bag +Tune Hammer + red and green stickers + letter and number stickers+Polishing cloth.
Made by acacia koa wood resonance box and carbon steel keys, to make sure the sound is better. 17 keys. Tuning tool electric tuner or mobile tuning app (iOS user can download Tuner Lite or insTuner, Android user can download gstrings), tuning hammer. 2. 17 notes: 1d, 8d, 14f, 2b, 6a, 5c5, 10e, 3g, 15a, 7f, 11g, 9c4, 4e, 12b, 16C6, 13d, 17E.
AXHJ Kalimba 17 keys with Study Instruction and Tune Hammer, Portable Thumb Piano Mbira Sanza Acacia Koa Wood Body Ore Metal Tines - Easy to use. International standard c tune. It is mainly used for accompaniment and it is easy to play. 1. Panel: axhj kalimba chooses made by high-quality solid African Piano wood 2. Keyboard: use durable metal, easy to pull, carefully built, tuned, clear and clear sound, clear 3. Sound hole: before and after the circular sound hole, The proper use of the sounding holes during performance, using the finger on the sound hole can make the sound more bright, and the mastery of skills will make the sound more diversified 4.
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World Percussion USA
Deluxe Large 6" Wood Frog Guiro Rasp - by World Percussion USA - Musical Instrument Tone Block
World Percussion USA FR06N - Carved from a solid piece of wood for best sound, natural finish, no paint to chip. Instructions: use the wood stick included to gently rake up the frogs back to create a lower-pitch cricket chirp. 6" large size - creates a realistic frog ribbit or croaking sound! Or lightly tap the nose of the frog with a thick end of the striker to get a resonating note as a wood tone block.
Only purchase from world Percussion USA to receive the frog listed on this page! Store the striker in the frog's mouth. Your purchase of this frog rasp helps support the efforts of Africa Heartwood Project. Our deluxe large 6" natural frog Guiro is better than other frog instruments because of the construction, finish, and sound.
AXHJ Kalimba 17 keys with Study Instruction and Tune Hammer, Portable Thumb Piano Mbira Sanza Acacia Koa Wood Body Ore Metal Tines - Note: this 6" size frog guiro is large enough to be safe for younger children and strong enough to hold up to the rough handling of children. Fun percussion toy - use as a guiro, rasp, or high pitch tone block. The 6"x6" size is large enough to create a realistic ribbit-like sound, like a croaking frog, when played correctly.
It is also a low-range pitch as a wood tone block.
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World Percussion USA
little wood frog rasp around 4" long from thailand factory
World Percussion USA FR04N - Any seller on this listing is not selling the frog from WORLD PERCUSSION USA. For the original high quality wood frog guiro from world percUSSION USA make sure the seller is WORLD PERCUSSION USA, not some other seller. Product shipped will not look like the photo and may be smaller than 4". The product you will receive will not look like the photo.
Note that this wood frog is not the higher quality wood frog offered by WORLD PERCUSSION USA, despite what the title may say. Generic wood frog made in any random wood factory, mostly in thailand. Generic wood frog made in a factory in Thailand.
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Luvay Kalimba Thumb Piano Mbira, Finger Piano African Instrument 10keys-Red
Luvay000005 - Easy to learn, get started quickly. The mbira is usually classified as part of the lamellaphone family, and part of the idiophone family of musical instruments. Material : piano body:Pine wood + piano keys:aluminum. Indigenous african names include likembe, matepe and njari, mbira nyunga nyunga, nhare, marimba, mbira njari, okeme, karimbao, kalimba, karimba, mbira huru, ubo, or-between the late 1960s and early 1970s-sanza, sansu, zanzu, mbila, as well as marímbula also kalimba in the Caribbean Islands.
Specifications: material: Pine+aluminum Bar Color: Wood Colorred Item Size:6. 7x4. 9x1. 6"17x12. 5x4cm item Weight:7. 5oz214g package Size:7. 3x5. 3x2. 1"18. 5x13. 5x5. 5cm package weight: 270g / 9. 5oz notes:c6-e7, and tune them to the notes you want Portable, palm size, you can adjust the keys a little bit, 8 oz270g. Mbira  background: the mbira is an african musical instrument consisting of a wooden board often fitted with a resonator with attached staggered metal tines, played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs.
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Tibetan Singing Bowls
Artncraft Tibetan Singing Bowls with Striker, 4.5" Wide
Tibetan Singing Bowls BOWL4SB - It weighs about a pound and is very solid and has a nice long lasting tone. Tibetan singing bowl for mediation. Nice sound. 4. 5" wide and 2. 25" tall bowl, with a wooden striker. As these are individually made, please note the engraving may not be exactly the symbols shown in the picture. 4-5" diameter. Comes with wooden striker.
The tradition continues today in Nepal, India, Chinaand Japan. They come in many shapes and sizesand are made using seven metals, iron, tin, which are copper, lead, zinc, silverand gold. Singing bowls were traditionally made throughout Asia. Made of 7 metals. A singing bowl is a type of bell shaped as a bowl.
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Otamatone Japanese Edition Japanese Electronic Musical Instrument Synthesizer by Cube / Maywa Denki, White
Otamatone 01940002849 - It is a musical insturment, you can enjoy the sound. Aaa batteries ×3 ※body size: approx 106" 27 cm. Best selling - one of japan's best selling musical Instrument Portable Synthesizer toys. Fun & easy to play - you can create different sound and pitch by pressing down the middle part of the Otamatone. The otamatone can be played easily and has an analog to digital sound motion with the sounds of a drum.
The single note chord has three phases High, Middle and Low. It has the parts divided equally and can be dynamically ensembled just like before. By sliding down your finger up and down, you can create higher and lower tone. Otamatone's face is made out of rubber, and by pushing his cheeks and making his mouth move around, the volume and the bass of the sound changes.
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GECKO Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano builts-in EVA high-performance protective box, tuning hammer and study instruction.
GECKO K17MBR - Package includes: 1*17 keys kalimba 1*instruction book 1*learning book 1*tune hammer 1* Tune Stickers 1*Kalimba box 1*Cleaning Cloth 1*Cloth Bag High-quality materials: handmade with high-quality mahogany and ore steel bars, giving you a better sense of hearing, vision and touch. Wonderful sound: without any music basis, recording, outdoor, party, you just move your thumb to get the wonderful music that delights your day long.
Applicable: the best instrument for performance, school, family, and relaxation. Study guidance: with our professionally produced kalimba learning booklet, it introduces the use and performance method of kalimba in detail. Qr code to watch our video to learn as we guide you and communicate with you. Security protection: eva kalimba boxes can effectively protect kalimba regardless of performance or collection, falling, scratches, oxidation, preventing moisture, waterproofing and very easy to carry.
AXHJ Kalimba 17 keys with Study Instruction and Tune Hammer, Portable Thumb Piano Mbira Sanza Acacia Koa Wood Body Ore Metal Tines - After-sales service: 365 days warranty, 45 days unconditional return guarantee. If you have any questions or demanding advice on musical instruments, please feel free to contact us.
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Llewellyn Publications
Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs Llewellyn's Sourcebook Series Cunningham's Encyclopedia Series
Llewellyn Publications - It features illustrations for easy identification of every herb, use, in additoin to common names, and rulership. Expanded and revised, this comprehensive guide features magical uses of over 400 herbs and plants from all parts of the world. Llewellyn Publications. With over 400, 000 copies in print, this reference book is a must for all who perform natural magic.
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Premiere Products 5RCAT Resin Convert-A-Bench
Premiere Products 5RCAT - Fold the back and armrests to create a single-sided table, or join with another unit to make a full double-sided table. One bench per box. Purchase 2 benches in order to make a complete table. For use on patio, porch or balcony. For use indoors or outdoors. Conversion is easy. Just flip the back part of the bench over and than push the two benches togetherSold Separately.
Multi-functional uses. The hardware pack is usually packed inside the arm rest. Made of easy to clean, UV-protected vinyl All weather maintenance free design. Quick and easy assembly.
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InnoGear Heavy Duty Microphone Stand with Mic Microphone Windscreen and Dual Layered Mic Pop Filter Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stands for Blue Yeti,Blue Yeti Nano,Blue Spark and Other Mic
InnoGear MU047 - It works perfectly with blue Yeti, Snowball and other microphone. Package include 1* innogear microphone windscreen 1* innogear microphone scissor arm Stand 1* InnoGear Double Layered Screen Pop Filters 1* Warranty Card Note Microphones are not included, The blue yeti/ blue yeti pro are perfectly matched to this sponge cover, other types of microphones are depending on the size.
Double layered screen pop filters helps to minimize plosives like Ps and Bs and can cut down on sibilance. This is a great combo for singers and actors alike who want help achieving the best possible performance. If the size is similar, because the sponge cover itself has a certain elasticity, it should be compatible, which can be slightly stretched and enlarged.
It is widely used in professional recording studios, stages, broadcasting, etc. High quality foam microphone windscreen: pop filter for filter out the harsh "P", "T", and "B" Sounds and the sound of wind and other unwanted background noise to improve The Quality of your audio recording. Comes with one table mounting clamp with protective layer of sponge, an adjustable positioning screw, can easily clip to any desktop up to 2" thick.
AXHJ Kalimba 17 keys with Study Instruction and Tune Hammer, Portable Thumb Piano Mbira Sanza Acacia Koa Wood Body Ore Metal Tines - Double layered screen pop filters: the first screen blocks air blasts as any pop filter normally would; the gap in between then disperses any remaining air pressure, So by the time it passes the second screen, The Blast is easily contained to produce great quality recordings. Universal compatibility: equipped with clear manual instruction and high quality acoustic foam material, filter out all unwanted background noises.
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