African Drum, Hand-Carved Bongo Congo Djembe Drum 10'' x 20'' Mahogany Goatskin Drumhead for Children Starter Beginners

Shenzhen Lotmusic Technologe Co.,Ltd
African Drum, Hand-Carved Bongo Congo Djembe Drum 10'' x 20'' Mahogany Goatskin Drumhead for Children Starter Beginners
Shenzhen Lotmusic Technologe Co.,Ltd - The skin is tightened by steel rings correctly, you don't have to worry any curved on the head. Exquisite handcrafted: our bongo congo drum carved from one solid piece of mahogany by skilled artisan, features in high hardness and density. Thus here, aklot african drum manufacturer work harder on offering a professional option! Standard size: the hand drum measures 9.
5''x20'', tone, middle schools and new beginners because of its versatility and portability. A djembe is a type of West African drum that is goblet shaped. It is traditionally carved from a single piece of wood with a skin stretched over the top. And the head size is big enough to play with proper technique to achieve bass, is popular among grade, and slap.
African Drum, Hand-Carved Bongo Congo Djembe Drum 10'' x 20'' Mahogany Goatskin Drumhead for Children Starter Beginners - Genuine goatskin drumhead: the jembe drum with a genuine goatskin drum head, the thinner skins have a sharper sound with fewer overtones in the slaps and are louder compared to thicker cowhide. We adopt the low-stretch static rope, which was test several times by professional drummers, won't too loose or tight for a better tuning.
Hand-painted design: the base section of djembe drum with multi color hand-painted pattern, adds unique style to your place and let you enjoy the exotic charm. 5-star post-sale: aklot african drum offers 45 days satisfaction and quality warranty, please feel free to contact us for a solution if you have any question.
The african drum can provide a wide variety of sounds, making it more and more popular among drummer lovers.
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BND Drums Mini Djembe Drum Djembe jembe is a Rope-Tuned Skin Covered Goblet Drum Played with Bare Hands Originally from West Africa Brown, 4x8
B.N.D - Kids' drum & Percussion Instruments. Collectable item or usefull gift for affordable price. A small djembe high quality. Mini djembe drum kidssize 8 inchafrican drums for kids is a great birthday gift for all ages boys & girlsafrica heartwood projectjembe drumdrumsdrum setdjembe amazon primedejembebaby hand drumafrican drum djembe drum for kidsbest quality in all african drums & hand bongo drum for children Small drum 8 inch drum for kids or decoration.
Children drum great wooden toy.
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