30 note Professional Glockenspiel - Metal Bell Kit Xylophone with Stand, Note Holder and Carrying Bag

30 note Professional Glockenspiel - Metal Bell Kit Xylophone with Stand, Note Holder and Carrying Bag
inTemenos - Universal letter-coded cards will allow you to play 23 songs on the xylophone right away. This chromatic glockenspiel xylophone for adults or teens can be used with or without the stand. Bell kit includes a carrying bag, a pair Of Xylophone Mallets, and 12 cards with 23 letter-coded sheet music songs for the beginners.
The thick metal keys 4 mm of this musical instrument lie on a special soft rubber support which creates a very long and clear percussion sound. The height of the glockenspiel stand for adults or teens can be adjusted and moved horizontally too. Size of the xylophone is 24 inch length. It is possible to tilt the Glockenspiel for the player to be flat or at an angle.
30 note Professional Glockenspiel - Metal Bell Kit Xylophone with Stand, Note Holder and Carrying Bag - The glockenspiel stand may be easily folded and stored in the bag with or without the Glockenspiel. The xylophone glockenspiel sheet music adapted for beginner xylophone players without any previous musical background. Each key of this glockenspiel xylophone has a letter notation engraved on each key and they will help you to begin to play with included letter coded sheet music cards with simple and complex melodies and songs.
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Rubank Publications
Marimba or Xylophone - Rubank Elementary Method
Rubank Publications - Xylophone edited by Howard M. Published by Rubank Publications 48 Pages. Editor: howard M. Peterson. One of the most widely used series of methods for individual or like-instrument class instruction. Elementary Method. Using a very well-rounded approach including scales, articulation studies, arpeggios, solos, duets, technical studies, and studies devoted to the special needs of each instrument, studies for musicianship, this series provides a fantastic wealth of material for all student musicians.
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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
The A to Z of Glock & Xylophone: The Right Route For You
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - The a to z of glock & Xylophone For the total beginer and intermediate player. Individual key signature exercises / mini and full study's plus student practice and record sheets, This tutor book will also help with self preparation for sight reading for exams and auditions reviews This book is extremely well written, easily followed and fills the long time void in the Glockenspiel tutor market.
For marching bands with bell lyres there has not been, until now, any written material for students to refer to and I can recommend this tutor to anyone who plays, or plans to play the glockenspiel. Using key signatures and charts / scales. John Ireland www. Guardsdivcorpsofdrums. Org. Uk www. Rblnorthwiltsdrums.
30 note Professional Glockenspiel - Metal Bell Kit Xylophone with Stand, Note Holder and Carrying Bag - Org. Uk. It is especially valuable to the leaders of marching bands for information and instructional purposes. Use the easy to recogonise note board charts for each key signature, each chart is shadowed for the notes which are struck for its own key signature.
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Shappy Bell Mallets Glockenspiel Sticks, Rubber Mallet Percussion with Wood Handle, 15 Inch Long Black
Shappy Shappy-Bell Mallets-01 - 1. 2 inch package includes: 1 pair of hardwood glockenspiel mallets sticks Quantity: 1 pair of bell mallets; Material: maple handle and rubber head; Color: wood color and black. Long wooden handles: solid handles offer durable and nice grip, and provide players with an increased reach range. Usage: good for articulation on marimbas, and auxiliary percussion instruments such as woodblocks, xylophones, etc.
30 note Professional Glockenspiel - Metal Bell Kit Xylophone with Stand, Note Holder and Carrying Bag - Great for glockenspiel performance with beautiful sound. 1. 2 inch. Glockenspiel sticks overall length: approx. Specification: material: rubber, maple Color: black, wood color Total length: approx. 15 inch; wooden handle length: approx. For use in: designed specifically for glockenspiel performance with beautiful sound.
13. 8 inch; rubber ball diameter: approx. 15 inch Handle length: approx. 13. 8 inch Head diameter: approx. Rubber ball mallets: the rubber heads are heavy, make the players easy to get enough sound out of the various percussions.
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